Martha Stewart will join the LA Restaurants for the Wine-Food Fest!

Martha@LArestaurantMartha Stewart is going to set up a food and wine experience programme at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. She will team up with some of the best Chefs at the LA hotels and organize food and drinks festival that will be open to all the people.

Her main agenda is to give an opportunity to all the food lovers, locals, and even tourists to try on different cuisines and provide them the best experience of their life.

Martha Stewart will join the LA Restaurants for the Wine-Food Fest!

Martha Stewart Food & Wine Programme is presented to you by the USA Today Networks and MGM Resorts International. It’s going to hit the streets on 13th Oct and will be carried out between 1 pm to 4 pm, at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

This gourmet event is part of a 12-day tour where the attendees get a chance to taste samples of some of the best LA wines and foods.

The restaurants which will be covered up in this touring programme are – Michael Mina Bellagio, Franklin Lounge, Harvest by Roy Ellamar, Tom’s Urban, Della’s Kitchen, The Steak House, and much more!

Martha StewartTalking about the event, Stewart mentioned that it’s one of a kind of opportunity for the foodies to try the best cuisines in the city. She also adds that one could get the chance to meet the Chefs and try on their foods. It’s very difficult to visit different restaurants and do a sample testing, this is where the event comes to your help.

You will find all the restaurants and their food in one place, along with Martha’s special guidance and tips on the food item. If you are really keen to try new foods and explore it on a next level – then don’t miss this event!

Also, the lifestyle specialist and TV or Festival Host Martha Stewart will be seen in action on the culinary side with cooking and doing other stuff for your entertainment.