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Welcome to MIKLE’s Food Corner,

The purpose of the website: 

To make people realize the wonders of the food, and how we can spread happiness with it! My aim through this website is to show the power of Food, and why Cooking is the best ever discovered therapy!

About Me:

My name is Deborah and I am a Food Stylist based out of Florida. After completing my graduation in Food Science, I had this weird urge to start a blog. I was fascinated by the food blogs that I saw online, with those curly fonts, and spectacular food images. Fell in love instantly!

I had no idea about blogging, and anything related to it. But yes, I had the content in mind. Tara helped me with the blogging, so thanks, Tara!

On this page, you will come across food recipes, food facts, cooking tips, and almost everything that comes with the Food!

If you are keen to more know about the website, then take a tour here.

For general queries and doing a collab, hit me up on the contact page! I shall catch you up there! Till then, do a follow on the site for updates 🙂

Take care,

– Deborah J. Hoosier